1-Click Open Banking Checkout for Ecommerce

Increase conversions and retention by incentivising your customers to pay directly to your bank account in 1-click with the Global Unified Payments Network.


Frictionless & incentivised

Highest converting checkout experience in the world.

Instant Credits & Refunds

Direct transfer from bank to bank. Fix cash flow forever.

Safer Than Cards

Retain more of your revenue by eliminating disputes & fraud.


Bankpay unifies the global banking network with your customers’ mobile number to bring them closer to you and enable faster, cheaper and safer payments.

Consumers first

Bankpay is not just a payments product, it is a network, with lightning-fast checkout, transfers, subscriptions and rewards - all linked to the consumer’s mobile number.

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Highest converting checkout

The Bankpay Membership Rewards program built into the frictionless checkout makes you more money than any other.

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Direct, instant credits & refunds

Fix cashflow forever with Bankpay by eliminating middlemen. No more fund holds and no long payout cycles.

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No fraud or disputes

Increase your bottom-line by letting your customers authorise payments directly from their bank to yours.

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Bulletproof infrastructure

Bankpay and its partners use the strongest security and encryption tech to ensure what’s yours remains yours.

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3,600+ banks on the network

We’re constantly upgrading our infrastructure to follow the global open banking rollout.

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Offer your customers a faster, safer and more rewarding payment alternative

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